BLOG BASED WEBISTESTurn your blog into a lucrative endeavor

Let this world know who you are! Establish and enhance your online business presence with exceedingly appealing blogs based web designs and rock the world. Whether you have a personal blog or a business one, StudioXcess is here to design it as per your specified style or business industry. Let your ideas travel the world and share whatever you have in your mind all around the globe.
  • Grow your readers

    Share your story with the masses. Reach your readers & invite them to participate in the discussions. Make them share your content to others in their circles. Track the performance of your blogging websites by keeping an eye on their activities & feedback.

  • Better SEO

    Make your well-written blog posts magnetize a huge traffic toward the website. Your blog can rank for numerous keywords that your corporate websites unable to rank for, thereby increase your business footprints, reach & awareness.

  • Post From Anywhere

    Reach readers across the globes from any corner of the world. If you have come up with a great idea when you're on the go, don't waste a second and post it from your tablet or phone there and then. Keep your blogs updated by posting from anywhere.

  • Build Credibility

    Projects the personality of your company or organization with your active business blogs. Whether it is potential clients, business associates, investors, or employees, your great business blog websites can help you build leadership thoughts & credibility of your firm.

Our Latest Work

Our work speaks for itself!


Our Process

Web designing is not a one person thing. We have a whole collaborative team of dedicated, skilled and driven staff assuring first rate quality and cent percent satisfaction. Our process that we follow consists of 6 phases from concept to completion with no cost overruns or unnecessary delays.

Design Consultancy Briefing from the clients end regarding website requirements.
Initial Design The initial design is delivered to the clients
Feedback/Refine Design The initial design is either approved or revised.
Website Layout Coding The approved web mockup is then coded.
Web Deployment The approveavd web mockup is then coded.

The 5 Types Of Bloggers / Which Type Is Yours?

No blogger is the same. The blogs we read from our favorite blogger are unique in their own way. Five different types or personas are there, that bloggers are supposed to fit into. Each of them has its distinct characteristics.
  • The Entrepreneurs

    These bloggers produce high-quality content for supporting the company they own. Small businesses with blog based website designs score up to 126% more sales than businesses who do not.

  • The Freelancers

    They are the independent bloggers who either blog part or full time as their job. Most of the people start as a part-time blogger and after finding it productive for them, they turn out to be full-time bloggers.

  • The Professional Bloggers

    Professional bloggers basically demonstrate their accomplishments & ask for the feedback from their followers. They do blogging as a full-time job and consider their blogs as an integral part of their business.

  • The Corporates

    These bloggers write for a company they work for. They can be either part-time bloggers writing blogs as a part-time job to earn a supplemental income or the full-time bloggers writing blogs as their primary job.

  • Hobbyists

    Hobbyists may blog for different websites or for their own. They blog for fun with no personal reason and they do not consider them as an income-generating source since it is something they thoroughly enjoy doing.

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