Cake PHP developmentWe promise to cater all your PHP development needs; effectively and efficiently.

Looking for swanky web development solutions? CakePHP development, at StudioXcess, offers the most advanced and extensive technologies for creating productive portals and web applications. At StudioXcess, we boast of an exceptional talent pool of seasoned developers and skill sets necessary for scalable, robust and future-proof CakePHP development.
  • MVC architecture

    Implementing MVC Pattern or Model View Controller, CakePHP allows the developers to separate the user interfaces from business logic. It, successively, enables them to work on various modules without relying on other's work at one time.

  • Easy Data Management

    Database management is much easier with this Cake PHP as the basic features are totally automated. In addition, it carries some additional features, alleviating better management. The integrated validation functionality of this framework helps to save much of time.

  • Up to Date

    Planning to get a PHP application developed? Then CakePHP must be your only choice as a framework, as it always remains updated and is frequently used by expert PHP developers across the globe. Hiring our experienced CakePHP developers means you will get quality services with a 100% guaranteed outcome.

  • Zero configuration

    CakePHP lacks coding /configuration/ where you have to determine the URL of the site or the location of the library– Every single thing is auto-detect. All you have to do is to deal with the Database connection settings.

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Our Process

Web designing is not a one person thing. We have a whole collaborative team of dedicated, skilled and driven staff assuring first rate quality and cent percent satisfaction. Our process that we follow consists of 6 phases from concept to completion with no cost overruns or unnecessary delays.

Design Consultancy Briefing from the clients end regarding website requirements.
Initial Design The initial design is delivered to the clients
Feedback/Refine Design The initial design is either approved or revised.
Website Layout Coding The approved web mockup is then coded.
Web Deployment The approveavd web mockup is then coded.

Why Use CakePHP ?

What makes Cake PHP better than a variety of different other PHP frameworks present in the market are numerous benefits that other fail to give. Here are some of the benefits.
  • Develop Quickly

    Cake PHP demands less time in development. Code generation & scaffolding features is used to rapidly build prototypes.

  • Friendly License

    CakePHP is certified under the MIT license that makes it perfect to be used in commercial applications.

  • Secure

    CakePHP comes with some built-in tools for input validation, Form tampering protection, CSRF protection, etc. assisting you to keep your application secure.

  • Batteries Included

    Translations, database access, caching, authentication, validation, and so on are all integrated to the PHP MVC frameworks.

  • No Configuration

    Cake PHP has no complex YAML or XML files. You just need to set up your database & you're ready to bake.

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