Frequently Asked Question

Q: How can I decide a Web Designer?

A: Spend a while over Skype or phone with your designer. When you're talking, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they have a proper process for designing or they're just going with the flow?
  • Are the photos and images used by them in color and in focus?
  • How does their web design look like? Original or template?
  • Do you have access to the designer's portfolio or client list?
  • Do they come up in Google if you enter a search: ex – Maine Website Design – are they TOP TEN in Google?

Q: What's the need of hiring a Pro Website Designer?

A: We all know people getting designs from a person who take it as a hobby results to be repetitive and poor. It's not just waste of money, but time as well. One cannot afford their online presence to be so bad. They do not try to bring as much change in their style since they are not pro.

Let's say you hire your nephew or an employee's relative who "creates websites in her spare time". The Result: Your website does not have the professional look that shows in your other marketing campaign so the first impression could be negative. Your site might be hard for website visitors to navigate, the pages might take too long to load, or it could be just… plain boring, causing people to leave your website without contacting you.

Websites require the first impression to be best, because visitors take their business seriously and decide whether to take it to your competitor or not. Web Design requires an immense amount of knowledge in page layout and graphic designing for the internet. It's a unique design medium, and only gives window of 4 seconds to grab visitor's attention. The visual nature of the internet makes or breaks a business. You fail to grab attention in provided window, you lose your client!

Q: What are your prices?

A: Price paid may not be as important as your web presence is. It's all about successful search engine optimization, and concept originality. Our design team quotes a flat fee for the entire projects in a package, so you have an idea what will be the cost of the upfront web project. Meta-tags coding and search engine submission is included in all our prices. Some website designers charge extra fee for submitting your website once it is online and finished, or they don't do it all. Your website requires to be submitted to the search engines manually. Again, in our flat fee package all of it is included. In the case where web designer quotes a complete redesign or an hourly fee for your website, remember your final invoice as compared to your initial quote might be higher.

Q: Do you custom design every website? Or use templates?

A: We provide each and every design with desired customization and further tailor it to organization's specific need. We do not believe in following template as we take each client's business as our own. All the design samples that you view online are done by us and demos we have, if you like any feature among those, mention that to our consultant. However, we will use that feature in a way that it will look completely different from one it's referred from.

Q: How much time do you take to launch a custom website?

A: Since we provide custom designed websites, so it may take about 4-5 week. The duration starts from the first meeting with your consultant to whom you explain the direction of your web design and things you'd like to incorporate. Once our consultant has understood how you want your website to look like, the clock begins clicking. Moreover, our rush option is also available in case you need something done in a short span of time.

Q: What's the process of getting a website designed?

A: You have multiple options available. You can live chat with us, email us, fill out the initial design form displayed on getting started page, or simply give us a call.

Q: What is Custom Content Management System?

A: StudioXcess has developed and designed a Custom CMS to bring ease in updating e-newsletter management, video audio, e-commerce blogs, pages, photos, events, text, most importantly web content. CMS gives you the power to make changes in your website whenever you want.

Q: Can I send you photos to use on my website?

A: We, with our own graphics skills do creation of most graphic design. It helps us to preserve the high quality in our service in terms of website look. We set ourselves apart from other web management companies who claim to provide convenient CMS and high quality custom layout and design as well. For that reason, we discourage the act of using graphics and photos sent by clients. We believe in our capabilities and work hard to provide exactly what you're looking for.

Q: What is the start up and design fee?

A: We have only 'ONETIME' fee option that includes: Customized web design, graphics and software specific to your website, and setting up a CMS, and own server space.

Q: I want to host a website myself to avoid monthly fee payment, is it possible?

A: To make sure that your website functions properly and you have the whole power over the content management system, we suggest using our servers. This allows us to guarantee you the proper functionality of the system, and troubleshoot any issue that may occur on your website easily.

Our content management system used by you is also included in your monthly fee. If you choose to host your website on another web host, the CMS will become unavailable for you to use.

Q: How can we set up already existing domain name with our new website?

A: Once your company's website is created by us, we will send you an instruction manual comprising of important instructions required to point your current domain name to the new website. Generally, it takes a few hours in completing the whole process of changing the server's name with your domain name. You point it at our servers only, and you do not transfer your domain name to us. If you face any trouble doing this, we can get it done for you for free.

Q: How can we get a new domain name?

A: You have options of either getting a domain name registered yourself, or we can do it for at a nominal price of $10. We recommend in case you do it yourself.

Q: Can we use our existing web host, or we have to host with you?

A: To make sure that your website functions properly and you have the whole power over the content management system, we suggest using our servers. This allows us to guarantee you the proper functionality of the system, and troubleshoot any issue that may occur on your website easily.

Q: Will I get to provide feedback and participate in the website building process?

A: Totally, as soon as we move forward in the web construction process, you will get to view and provide feedback at every step. We know that your website represents your company, so we ensure to take the process in a way that both parties are fully satisfied with the final result.

Q: Do you provide services of search engine optimization?

A: Yes we do! In fact, it is part of your yearly maintenance agreement. We submit your newly created website to every major search engines. We provide website optimization for Google, Bing and Yahoo as they comprise of almost 90% of the search markets.

Q: What is the reason behind your services to be cheaper than other web designers?

A: Because, as compared to other website designers, our overhead is much lower. We believe in spending every penny on your website advertising. We know, our prices cannot affect the reputation that we hold, it speaks for itself!

Q: Do you offer search engine optimization?

A: Yes, it is included with your yearly maintenance agreement. We submit your new website to all major search engines. We optimize the website for Google, Yahoo and Bing since they make up roughly 90% of the search market.

Q: Will my website be successful?

A: Every website is exclusive; the success of your website depends on your business model. We have come across few very booming website marketing campaigns. To test our abilities, we encourage you to speak to any chosen client from our portfolio page and ask them about our services.


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